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The Gospel According To Ian mkII

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

25 September 1975
When future generations look back on the pinnacle of society, they will all, without exception, be drawn to one date in history...September 25th, 1975. On a cold rainy morning, at St. John's hospital, an obstetrician was delivering the new messiah to the ... what? This thing is on?! Damnit...

Ok, forget all that bullshit about the messiah...heh...just a little joke, see... I mean, everybody knows that Jim Caviezel is the Messiah...right?

Anyway, I live in Queens in the greatest city in the world; a town so nice they named it twice, New York, New York.
I'm an actor...Yeah, yeah, I know, you'll have a ruben sandwich with a chocolate shake and would you like fries with that...very funny . Actually I do get work, and am currently the Facilities Manager of the Baruch Performing Arts Center.
I have been married since October of '02 and am having a blast. We have a "child" - our spawn of Satan cat, Sox. Actually more of a curse than a blessing, he adopted us about two years ago and has been terrorizing my wife Malini ever since. Probably doesn't help that I egg him on, but hell, it's funny so I ain't stopping any time soon.

Well, this is supposed to be a mini-bio, so everything else will have to wait for real journal entries...I'll bring y'all up to speed there.

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